• IPL 2023 Dashboard

    Dive into the world of IPL with our interactive dashboard. Analyze the performance of your favorite teams and players!

Zoho Analytics

The IPL live dashboards are powered by Zoho Analytics. 

Zoho Analytics is a modern self-service BI and analytics platform that helps small to large organizations get valuable insights from their business data. It helps them to create and share powerful reports easily in a matter of a few minutes, with zero IT intervention.


🎯 Upload or synchronize data from a range of data sources

🎯 Build powerful reports and dashboards with an easy drag-and-drop interface

🎯 Derive insights in no time with the help of data visualizations

🎯 Share actionable data insights seamlessly along with important KPIs

Zoho Analytics can be used across various industries and by a wide range of users for their BI and analytics needs. To explore many more dashboards, you can access our sample gallery.